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Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie <b>Couric</b>, October 1, 2008 Palin On Foreign Policy "Exclusive": Katie <b>Couric</b> talks with Gov. Sarah Palin about her foreign policy experience and Alaska's proximity to Russia. Sarah Palin Talks Bailout Proposal Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie <b>Couric</b> on CBS Evening News, September 24, 2008 Late Show - Katie Couric Post-Palin For the first time, Katie <b>Couric</b> talks about her interviews with Sarah Palin. EXCLUSIVE: Michael J. Fox Talks To Katie Couric re Rush L Actor Michael J. Fox discusses his foundation for Parkinson's disease research and recent allegations made by radio host Rush Limbaugh. Palin Katie Couric Interview Katie <b>Couric</b> interviews Sarah Palin SNL Palin Couric Interview Sarah Palin gets interviewed by Katie <b>Couric</b> (SNL skit) Palin Appeared To Endorse Hamas In Couric Interview Watch more at Palin: Bailout is about healthcare! Lil Wayne Interview with Katie Couric [Full 11 Min Interview] part 1 CBS' Katie <b>Couric</b> recently sat down with the Hip Hop phenomenon that is Lil Wayne, to discuss his journey to the top as he is currently nominated for 8 grammys. Lil Wayne is unarguably a unique artist, a character unto itself. From the 9th Ward of New Orleans, Lil Wayne dropped his first album at the age of 12. Couric On Palin Katie <b>Couric</b> calls Sarah Palin, "cool, calm, and collected under very difficult circumstances," after her recent interview with the Republican vice presidential nominee. Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question, Extended Version Sarah Palin and Joe Biden on Roe v. Wade, right to privacy and Supreme Court decision they've disagreed with Michelle Obama, interviews with Katie Couric Katie <b>Couric</b> speaks with Michelle Obama about her role as wife, mother, and campaigner. "Only On The Web": Each year efforts are made to pull "questionable" books from libraries' shelves. Katie <b>Couric</b> talks about "Banned Books Week" and its significance for libraries and literary freedom. ( Katie Couric Bashes Dan Rather What Katie really feels about Dan Rather Katie Couric In Amman Interviews Obama- McCain Weighs In Hat's off to CBS News and Katie <b>Couric</b> for their segment on the Iraq surge on CBS Evening News. Katie interviewed both Barack Obama and John McCain on the Successful surge in Iraq. You be the judge... Katie <b>Couric</b> gets checked. Couric Wraps Palin Interview CBS News' Katie <b>Couric</b> talked to Gov. Sarah Palin about her position on a variety of domestic issues in their latest interview. Harry Smith gets a wrap-up from <b>Couric</b>. Eye To Eye With Katie Couric: Levon Helm (CBS News) Drummer and singer for The Band, Levon Helm, talks to Anthony Mason about losing his voice to cancer of the vocal chord, and how it returned years later. ( Palin - Couric Annoyed Me Watch more at

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